Is SharePoint being replaced by Teams

Breaking the Myths: Is SharePoint Being Replaced by Teams? The Real Story

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Is SharePoint being replaced by Teams? I believe in sharing is caring – so, whenever – I get an opportunity to share my knowledge, I do share and through this, I do learn a lot of things as learning has no end.

A little background on this question – we run a Facebook group called “Global SharePointing Folks”  by the way, you are most welcome to join this group. 🙂  – where one of the questions was asked “Is SharePoint replaced by Microsoft Teams Or Is SharePoint dying?” of course, due to the COVID19 lockdown, most industries are running their business by allowing their employees to work from home – so the trend of using Microsoft Teams went on very high – this does not mean the SharePoint is being replaced by Microsoft Teams. I will explain it – in this blog.

Microsoft Teams is primarily a collaboration platform that enables real-time communication, video conferencing, instant messaging, file sharing, and integration with various apps and services. It’s designed to facilitate team collaboration and communication in a more dynamic and interactive manner.

SharePoint, on the other hand, is a web-based platform that serves as a document management and storage system. It allows for organizing, sharing, and accessing information and documents within an organization. SharePoint provides a centralized repository for documents, workflows, and other business-related data.

While both Microsoft Teams and SharePoint serve different functions, they can complement each other effectively. Microsoft Teams integrates with SharePoint, allowing users to access and share documents stored in SharePoint directly within the Teams interface. This integration enhances collaboration by providing a seamless experience for accessing and collaborating on documents within a team environment.

Microsoft continues to enhance and integrate both Microsoft Teams and SharePoint to provide a more cohesive and efficient collaboration experience for users. However, as of my last update, SharePoint has not been replaced by Microsoft Teams; rather, they are intended to work in conjunction to offer a comprehensive collaboration and document management solution within the Microsoft 365 ecosystem. For the most up-to-date information, I recommend checking the latest Microsoft announcements or official documentation.

Now, coming to the main question which I had answered it.

My analysis of –  Is SharePoint replaced by Microsoft Teams?

Microsoft Teams and SharePoint both are a small part of the Microsoft 365 family, both have their own needs, values, and scope for the business. In a short brief, SharePoint is used for document management on the other hand teams are used for channelizing your development teams to bring more collaboration between team members – it is recommended to use Microsoft teams for team communication, one of the major advantages of MS team is documentation, whatever your project team member communicates with each other will be documented to the respective channel.

Is SharePoint Replaced By Microsoft Teams?
Is SharePoint Replaced By Microsoft Teams?

For example, the use of Microsoft Teams –  if a team member has left the project or organization you won’t be dependent on his/her email box… as explained both have their own scope, so SharePoint is not all replaced by Microsoft Teams.

Is SharePoint dying (Is SharePoint being replaced by Teams)?

Is Microsoft SharePoint dying?
Is Microsoft SharePoint dying?

And when it comes to the second part of your question is SharePoint dying? The answer is absolutely no –  whether it is the on-premise version or Online, still, 50 percent of enterprises are maintained by SharePoint across the globe, moreover, in the USA, the majority of the health care industries still use SharePoint and they will continue.

And many people think on-premise SharePoint will die – this is also not correct, though the current market trends are to move to the cloud, however, still many companies do not prefer to move all content to the cloud due to the security reason, and that is the reason Microsoft is still releasing next version of on-premise SharePoint every three years.

So, relax SharePointing folks. 🙂

Microsoft Teams in Office 365 – How do we justify that “Microsoft Teams” is a part of the Microsoft 365 (Office 365) family?

The reason why I told “Microsoft Teams” is a part of the Office 365 family is – if you log in to the office 365 home site and click on dots from the top left corner we can see all office 365 products like SharePoint, Teams, OneDrive, OneNote, etc. so all these are different types of products from office 365, each product has its own needs and scope.

Now let’s focus on Teams, if we select the Teams from here we will be landing on the web version of teams, however, we can install the windows version of the teams app as well.

Microsoft Teams vs SharePoint – What are the similarities between Microsoft Teams and SharePoint?

The common functionality of Microsoft Teams and SharePoint Teams site – both are collaborative tools but “Microsoft Teams” has a broader scope of collaboration than SharePoint team site, for example, SharePoint team site is collaboration for an individual site but inside MS teams we can configure multiple SharePoint Teams site or create new teams and establish the collaboration between various teams and departments thru the channel.

As I said we can create a team using the Microsoft Teams tool or can create thru the office 365 group which is nothing but a SharePoint team site again, so Microsoft teams are tightly coupled with SharePoint and office 365.

With the collaboration of office 365 or SharePoint online, you are managing your enterprise. One more point I would make here is, that when you logged in to your Microsoft Teams whether web or Windows version – we must log in using the office 365 account and after login from the recent tab we can see all recently modified documents from SharePoint Online sites these means it is integrated with SharePoint Online.

We can create folders and upload the document to Microsoft Teams itself but it all depends how is the architecture of your content when we should use Microsoft Teams or SharePoint Team site – it will be difficult to elaborate by just a parameter – both have their own needs and scopes – depends on the business requirement, we need to take the call.

Summary: Is SharePoint being replaced by Teams (Microsoft Teams vs SharePoint)

In the world of collaboration and productivity tools, a hot topic of discussion revolves around the potential replacement of SharePoint by Teams. This article delves into the intricacies of SharePoint and Teams, examining their respective functionalities, strengths, and limitations, while debunking the myths surrounding their relationship. Through a comprehensive analysis, we aimed to provide readers with a clear understanding of how these Microsoft tools complement each other rather than compete. By shedding light on the real story, the post aims to dispel any confusion and equip individuals and organizations with the knowledge to harness the full potential of both SharePoint and Teams, leveraging their unique features to enhance collaboration, information management, and overall productivity.

In the above blog, we have summarized as below:

  • The comparison between Microsoft Teams and SharePoint from my actual answer.
  • SharePoint is replaced by Microsoft Teams – the purposes of both the products are different.

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