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FAQs (Office 365): Is SharePoint being replaced by Teams?

Is SharePoint Replaced By Microsoft Teams?

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 1,914 total views,  4 views today I believe in sharing is caring – so, whenever – I get an opportunity to share my knowledge, I do share and through this, I do learn a lot of things as learning has no end. A little background of this question – we run a Facebook group called “Global SharePointing

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Office 365: SharePoint vs Microsoft Teams – Understanding the Differences in o365

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 9,832 total views,  28 views today   In the modern SharePoint workplace  – Microsoft Teams is a buzz word. Today we will learn what is Microsoft Teams and what is the difference between Microsoft Teams and SharePoint online. Microsoft Teams vs SharePoint Both Microsoft Teams and SharePoint are used for collaboration, however, they are different two products

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Create a Team in Microsoft Teams step by step process – Office 365

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 8,532 total views,  82 views today   In this article, we will learn how to create a Team in Microsoft Teams in a step by process and what happens in SharePoint and in office 365 when we create a team. In my previous article Getting started with Microsoft Teams in Office 365 we have learned what is

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