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Configure Microsoft 365 Like a Pro: Expert Insights and Strategies

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Configure Microsoft 365 step by step – as more companies are going digital, work management applications and software suites are gaining popularity. Conferencing apps are popular in both the business setting and the academe. But, all-in-one management software such as Microsoft 365, is a popular option among all types of virtual groups and organizations. 

The Microsoft 365 admin portal is accessible to organizations that have a business subscription only. It is not available to separate home users that have personal account subscriptions. 

Configuring the administration portal of Microsoft 365 streamlines the entire application according to the needs of your organization. The configuration process begins after you successfully migrated all the necessary files from your previous project management software. You also get to integrate the other most used Microsoft applications in Microsoft 365. 

If you are still in the dark when it comes to configuring your subscription’s admin portal, we compiled a detailed list of how to go about it. 

5 Ways to Configure Microsoft 365 Admin Portal: Configure Microsoft 365

  1. Personalize the Admin Portal

The Microsoft 365 portal is customizable according to the needs of your organization. If you are categorized as a smaller-scale business, it’s best to configure the admin center in a simplified view. 

The simplified view of the portal presents several cards that help manage the organization’s everyday tasks in a straightforward manner. Some of the most common organizational tasks are resetting passwords, viewing invoices, adding and removing users, and minute taking. 

Creating and viewing invoices along with minute taking are tasks that are easily achievable with other Microsoft applications. In the admin portal, you can also specify which of the available Microsoft applications shall be used in the cards.  

The command tabs for these tasks are littered at the top part of the software’s interface. 

If you are managing a larger organization, configure the admin portal in its dashboard view. This view presents more information compared to the simplified view. It contains more complex settings alongside everyday tasks. 

This view still displays cards for the tasks much like the former. But, the dashboard option is more friendly for work specialists. 

For workplaces that have particular roles, the dashboard provides more control. Users can easily oversee the real-time progress of the project they are currently working on. 

        2. Tailor the Access for Files

Microsoft 365 is a cloud-based management system that houses all types of data in the cloud. From public domain data down to confidential work-related data, they are integrated and embedded into the system. 

In order to prioritize the safety and security of these data, the admin portal can be configured to limit access to these files. 

You can restrict access to confidential information and make it available for a select few. Under the Setting tabs, click on Organizational Profile. The latter command tab will direct you to a Release Preferences tab, then click on Edit. 

Under Edit, you will then have an option whether to Target release for everyone or Target release for selected users. 

When you select a targeted release for a particular set of data, add the eligible users’ admin accounts. In this manner, the release of data will be automatic for the allowed users. The admin will not be responsible for checking the eligibility every time someone requests the data. 

       3. Setup Groups 

The aim of Microsoft 365 is to manage organizations to increase their productivity. One of the most vital services that the software offers is creating groups within the system. 

Creating groups is a straightforward yet vital command for work management software. For a remote work set-up, this feature is the closest thing that can replace working together in a single work table. 

It is quick and easy to generate groups in the software. A Groups tab is available alongside other prominent categories. Under the Groups feature, you can form and label each group according to its role in the organization. 

Communication and information dissemination is easier through groups, as well. Each group is assigned a separate email. Once a message is sent through the group email, all the users included in the group will receive it automatically. 

All in all, work and task management is more straightforward with the presence of groups. 

       4. Manage Organizational Resources 

Microsoft 365 has a separate command tab where the users can have access to the shared and available resources. 

This feature is perfect for online conferences and meetings. Way before the teams migrated to online means of working, each of the attendees will have a copy of the resources used for the meeting. With this feature, there is no need to produce multiple copies of a single document. 

Aside from that, other essential documents are easily accessible in this window. You won’t have trouble keeping track of all the meeting minutes documents as they are automatically stored here. 

More than that, this folder also contains vital documents for welcoming and onboarding new employees. Virtual meetings and training sessions may not be enough for the new employees to learn the ropes right off the bat. Provide them access and make sure to teach them how to navigate this feature. In this way, they can catch up and review policies and other technicalities. 

       6. Change the Language Options 

Microsoft 365 contains a wide selection of language options. If your organization is more comfortable working using your language, then change up the software settings. The software offers a total of 40 local languages. 

Chinese, in particular, has two variations. You can configure the system to use either the simplified or traditional version. 

Additionally, Portuguese also comes in different variations. Microsoft carries Portuguese dialects from Brazil and Portugal. 

Final Takeaways – Configure Microsoft 365

Microsoft 365 proves that even if its reputation precedes it, it can make a name for itself among its target market. It is a highly customizable software, which makes it the preferred option among small-time businesses and larger organizations. 

Configuring the software’s admin portal maximizes its potential and use. Microsoft provides the freedom to its end users from the portal’s presentation down to what features are presented and aligned. It is clear that the team behind this acknowledges that companies and organizations are not the same. 

The software knows that what is a staple for one company isn’t a regular occurrence in another.

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