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Best way to work with Scheduler Power Automate: Move Old documents in SharePoint Automatically using Scheduled Cloud Flow – Microsoft 365

Move Old documents in SharePoint Automatically using Power Automate Scheduled Cloud Flow

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 4,213 total views,  16 views today In this “Scheduler Power Automate (Scheduled Cloud Flow)” article, we will learn how to move old documents in SharePoint online automatically to another site using the Power Automate scheduled Cloud Flow step by step. Step by step developing a scheduler flow in Power Automate – Scheduler Power Automate (Move Old documents

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Three ways to make a flow: Instant Cloud Flow

Types of flow in Power Automate

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 2,983 total views,  2 views today Instant Cloud flow is one of the three ways to make a flow. Sometimes we need to perform some repeating tasks manually, in this scenario, we can create an Instant Cloud type flow that gets triggered manually as needed and complete the tasks done quickly. To be noted, we can create

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