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Top 75 SharePoint blogs or Sites to follow in 2019/2020

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 11,668 total views,  17 views today As per the https://blog.feedspot.com/sharepoint_blogs/ , here I have listed out the top 75 SharePoint blogs or sites to follow in 2019 which might be helpful to SharePoint folks. 1. Reddit – Microsoft SharePoint About Blog: Supporting the SharePoint Community since 2009, /r/sharepoint is a diverse group of SharePoint Administrators, Architects, Developers,

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How to create indexed column in SharePoint on-premise and online – O365?

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 7,392 total views,  74 views today When we talk about the slowness of SharePoint list view loading – we go with the indexing the column. In this article, we will learn how to create an indexed column in SharePoint. Introduction If you are not clear about what indexing actually is – I would recommend reading my previous

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SharePoint – O365 – How does the database column indexing work in SharePoint?

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 12,178 total views,  56 views today Being a SharePoint developer, administrator, and architect, we quite often discuss the SharePoint list items loading issue and when it comes to SharePoint “list” items loading performance issue, we straight away go for indexing the columns to speed up the performance. So in this article, I will focus on what exactly

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SharePoint – O365 – What is the right way to iterate or loop through List Items?

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 2,602 total views,  6 views today In this article, we will learn what is the right way to iterate or loop through the SharePoint list items either from SharePoint on-premise or SharePoint online – o365. Introduction Generally, when a developer writes the code quickly – this might be observed. Let’s say in SharePoint “PurchaseOrder” list, there are

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SharePoint On-Premise – Online O365 : Static Name vs. Internal Name vs. Display Name in SharePoint

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 8,501 total views,  38 views today Introduction: During our SharePoint development or customization, we often come across the need of SharePoint column “Display Name” and “Internal Name”. Apart from these two, there is one more name which is column “static” name, generally, we don’t much deal with this name(at least myself) during the SharePoint customization. However, I

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SharePoint Online – O365 – How to create a Tile view in modern SharePoint online lists and configure it.

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 38,754 total views,  58 views today Today we’ll learn about how we can enable the “Tiles view” in the modern SharePoint online list. Table of Contents: Introduction How to enable tiles view – actual implementation. Use cases of tiles view. Summary – what we had here? References Introduction Recently (5th September 2019), Microsoft has announced that now

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How to create navigation in modern SharePoint Online

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 26,046 total views,  62 views today Today in this article we’ll learn about various types of navigation available in the modern SharePoint online and how to create navigation in modern SharePoint Online. Table of Contents: Introduction Different types of navigation step by step walk thru Summary – what we had here? Introduction Building proper navigation to a

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31 Useful Famous SharePoint URLs & Locations (increase your productivity in SharePoint On-Premise and O365)

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 25,543 total views,  100 views today Today we’ll learn how we can navigate to SharePoint specific page thru the shortcut URL (31 Useful Famous SharePoint URLs & Locations) instead of the traditional way of navigating. Table of Contents: Introduction Why do we need to know the shortcut URL? Step by step explanation of shortcut URL Summary –

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Office 365 Groups in a SharePoint site – Office 365 groups vs distribution lists vs Mail-enabled security vs Security

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 6,177 total views,  10 views today Description: Let’s say my requirement is to send the email to the group and assigning that group in SharePoint permission. You have asked your AD team to create the group and that group has been synchronized to your SharePoint online(office 365) – and we can see that group under active group from Office 365 admin page but

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SharePoint Online – O365: How to Edit PDF File in SharePoint Online library

SharePoint Online - O365: How to Edit PDF File in SharePoint Online library

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 46,402 total views,  62 views today Today, we will learn how we can edit the PDF files from the SharePoint Online site. I will walk you through the process in this tutorial. Table of Contents Introduction Challenges that we had in PDF editing from SharePoint? Advantages of editing PDF from SharePoint Online. How to configure and integrate

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