Free Download SharePoint Online & Office 365 Administration eBook pdf

Free download SharePoint Online & Microsoft 365 Administration eBook pdf

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This is a free download SharePoint Online eBook titled “Download SharePoint Online and Microsoft 365 Administration eBook pdf,” which contains 98 pages and has been categorized into 7 chapters. This will be very useful as a manual or reference while administering the SharePoint Online Admin Center or Office 365 admin center.

What will you learn from this book? Microsoft 365 Administration eBook pdf (Free download SharePoint Online eBook)

This book is targeted at beginners to advanced SharePoint administrators, architects, Office 365 administrators, SharePoint Online administrators, power users, and end-users who want to manage SharePoint Online from Office 365 tenants.

I have tried to author this book in an easy-to-follow way, and it can be used as a reference book or manual while you are administering SharePoint Online from Office 365. As you go along to the end of this book, you will learn the following:

  • Overview of SharePoint
  • History of SharePoint
  • Why should we use SharePoint?
  • Overview of Office 365
  • How to set up a trial tenant?
  • Administering Office 365
  • Various report management in the office 365 dashboard
  • Overview of the SharePoint Online Admin Center
  • Administering SharePoint Online Admin Center from Office 365
  • Details understanding about hub sites and how to manage them.
  • Manage hub sites report from SharePoint Online
  • Manage workflow report from SharePoint Online tenant
  • Various navigation set up in SharePoint Online

Table of Contents: SharePoint Online and Office 365 Administration eBook pdf (Microsoft 365 Admin training)

Chapter 1: Introduction to SharePoint  10

What is SharePoint?  10

Key features of SharePoint  11

History of SharePoint  14

SharePoint generation from the year 2000 to 2020  15

Key take-away: 22

Is SharePoint replaced by Microsoft Teams or is it dying?  26

Chapter 2: Introduction to office 365   28

What is Office 365?  28

Advantages of Office 365  29

Registration to Office 365 E3 trial account  30

How to login to the office 365 admin center?  49

Chapter 3: Manage Microsoft 365 admin center report dashboard   54

Out of the box – a list of cards are available in the admin center:  54

List of cards are available to add in Dashboard in the Microsoft 365 admin center:  55

Default Microsoft 365 or Office 365 admin center dashboard:  55

How to add additional card to admin center dashboard page:  57

How to remove a report card from the Microsoft 365 admin center home page dashboard:  61

Manage users in office 365   61

Mange active users in office 365  62

Manage contacts in Office 365  63

View Guest Users report in Office 365  64

View Deleted users report in Office 365  64

Manage groups in office 365   65

Introduction to Office 365 groups  65

How to navigate to Office 365 group dashboard:  66

Types of groups in Office 365  67

Office 365 – group  68

How to create an Office 365 group?  68

Distribution group:  77

Mail-enabled Security group  79

Security group  80

How to edit and delete a group from the Office 365 dashboard:  81

Chapter 5: Billing management in Office 365   83

Purchase Service  83

Products & services  84

Licenses Report  85

Bills & Payments management  85

Billing Accounts  86

Billing Methods  87

Billing Notification  88

Chapter 6: Introduction to SharePoint Online Admin center  89

What is SharePoint Online Admin center?  89

How to navigate to SharePoint from Office 365?  90

Reports available in the SharePoint admin center home page:  93

SharePoint file activity report  94

SharePoint site usage report  95

Message Center  96

Service Health  97

Chapter 7: Administering SharePoint admin center  99

Various sites report in SharePoint admin center:  99

Active Sites  100

How to land into this Active Sites report?  101

How to create a site from SharePoint online admin center?  103

Site creation page – SharePoint Admin Center:  103

Manage the active site owners from admin center:  104

Manage hub site from SharePoint admin center:  105

How to export the active sites report in CSV:  106

Example of downloaded sites csv report:  107

How to search the active sites:  107

Views in Active Sites:  108

Customizing the view columns in active sites report:  109

Bulk Edit in SharePoint admin center (active sites):  110

Deleted Sites  111

Policy in SharePoint admin center  113

Sharing – SharePoint admin center:  113

Access Control – SharePoint admin center:  114

Centrally settings in SharePoint admin center:  117

Consolidated global setting in the Tenant setting page:  122

Show or Hide App Tiles  123

Site Collection Storage Management  124

Admin Center Experience  125

Delve (powered by Office Graph)  125

Enterprise Social Collaboration  126

Streaming Video Service  127

Personal Blogs  127

Site Pages  128

Global Experience Version Settings  128

Information Rights Management (IRM)  129

Details description about IRM in SharePoint:  130

Introduction to IRM:  130

Information Rights Management (IRM) in tenant settings page:  131

IRM settings in Document library:  135

Key take-away – IRM:  140

Permissions in IRM:  141

Site Creation  142

Subsite Creation:  145

Connections from sites to Office 365 groups:  146

Custom Script  146

Preview Features  147

Connected Services  148

Mobile Push Notifications – OneDrive for Business  148

Mobile Push Notifications – SharePoint  148

Comments on Site Pages  149

How to navigate to classic features from modern admin center?  152

Classic features in modern SharePoint admin center:  152

How do we navigate to the classic/old site collection create page?  157

Data migration tool in SharePoint admin center:  159

Manage script editor webpart in SharePoint Online   159

How to enable script editor webpart in SharePoint online?  160

Verify that script editor web part is not available by default:  160

Verify that script editor web part is available after executing the PowerShell Script:  164

Why does Microsoft not allow us to add the script editor web part by default?  165

If we skip the custom script enable setting and execute the above PowerShell command – will the script editor be available in the page?  165

Chapter 8: Manage hub sites in SharePoint Online from admin center  166

Introduction to hub site  166

What is a Hub Site in SharePoint online?  166

Hub Site architecture in SharePoint online  167

Why Hub Site in SharePoint online?  168

How to create a Hub Site in SharePoint online?  169

How to add a Team site or communication site to the Hub Site?  171

Some key features or use cases of Hub Sites. 173

How to create a new hub site using PowerShell?  174

Register a site as a hub site by using the Register-SPOHubSite cmdlet:  174

Set permissions for specific users: SPOHubSiteRights  174

Associate multiple sites to a hub site: Import-Csv to Add-PnPHubSiteAssociation  174

Manage hub site report in SharePoint Online   175

PnP PowerShell script to get all sites connected to a hub site:  175

PnP PowerShell script to get all sites connected to hub site: Test  178

Let’s see the exported hub sites report – how does it look like?  180

View all sites that are connected to a hub site using SharePoint admin center URL (UI):  180

Chapter 9: Workflow Report from SharePoint Online tenant  185

Export all workflows from SharePoint Online Tenant using PowerShell CSOM:  186

Description about the export workflow report code:  191

Prerequisites to execute the PowerShell CSOM script:  195

How to Install PnP PowerShell:  195

Chapter 10: Site creation template selection in SharePoint Online   196

Introduction  196

What is a modern team site in SharePoint online?  200

What is a communication site in SharePoint online?  201

When should we use a team site or communication site template?  201

Create a modern team site SharePoint online – manually  202

Create a modern team site using PnP PowerShell 209

New-PnPSite – create a modern SharePoint online site:  209

Create a modern team site in SharePoint Online using PnP PowerShell:  209

Other parameters in creating a modern team site – New-PnPSite:  211

How to create a SharePoint communication site?  212

Create a communication site in SharePoint online, using PnP PowerShell: Script execution  214

Create a communication site in SharePoint online – PnP PowerShell:  214

Other parameters in creating a communication site – New-PnPSite:  216

Chapter 11: Navigation in SharePoint Online   217

Introduction to navigation  217

Site Navigation (Local Navigation)  218

Site Collection Navigation (Global Navigation)  220

Hub site navigation  221

Megamenu Navigation  222

Personal Navigation  223

Summary  225

Resources  233

Reference URLs:  233

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