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Sometimes we may need to hide the disabled or inactive users from the SharePoint online search, then how to handle this? In this article, I will explain how to implement this.


When some users already have left the origination, but those users continue to appear in the SharePoint search result in this scenario we have to hide the disable/inactive users from the below SharePoint online search page, what is the approach to implement this?




Step 1:

Get all disable users from your local AD using the below PowerShell command and export to CSV.

Get-ADUser -Filter {Enabled -eq $false} | FT samAccountName, GivenName, Surname


Get-ADUser -Filter {Enabled -eq $false} | select SamAccountName, GivenName, Department, Location | Export-Csv "C:\temp\ADDisabledUsers.csv"

Step 2:

Need to change the profiles AD property “msExchHideFromAddressLists” to True or Yes for all disabled users got in step 1

set-adobject -Identity $someoneDisabledUser -replace @{msexchhidefromaddresslists="$true"}



Best way to update in bulk if we have more disabled users are as below:

  1. Export to CSV all disable users using the above step 1 command.
  2. Read the csv – and inside foreach loop call the set-adobject -Identity $someoneDisabledUser -replace @{msexchhidefromaddresslists=”$true”}


$disabledUsersCSV=Import-Csv "C:\temp\ADDisabledUsers.csv"

foreach($oneDisabledUser in $disabledUsersCSV)
set-adobject -Identity $disabledUser -replace @{msexchhidefromaddresslists="$true"}   


Step 3:

Update the search query as below in the SharePoint search query page:

  1. Go to enterprise search people results page: https:///search/Pages/peopleresults.aspx Example:
  2. Edit Search Results page
  3. Edit People Results Web Part
  4. Change query
  5. Change Query Text from {searchboxquery} to {searchboxquery} AND -“SPS-HideFromAddressLists”:1


All disabled users will not be shown in the search.


  • Changing the “MailNickName” attribute in on-premise AD is must without this attribute changes the “msExchHideFromAddressLists” attribute will not be synced to SharePoint online.
  • This technique will not work – if the users are created in the cloud.
  • So Microsoft needs to change the below “May” to “Must” in the below document:

“Hint: You may (should be a must) need to add/update the “MailNickName” attribute in on-prem AD for the msExchHideFromAddressLists to sync. ”


Thus, in this technique, we have learned about how to hide disable or inactive users from SharePoint online search in office 365.

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