Benefits of SharePoint Online intranet - 7 Ways SharePoint Can Increase Your Team Productivity

SharePoint Online: The Top 7 Benefits of SharePoint Intranet for Your Organization

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Benefits of SharePoint Online Intranet: A lot of factors go into ensuring the greatest productivity in an organization. It requires employees to use their time in the right way. There should be collaboration and proper communication to ensure a smooth workflow. The organization must also provide suitable tools to assist in task management.

SharePoint is a Microsoft tool that can help boost productivity and collaboration. The cloud-based platform allows for sharing, organizing, and accessing data from many sources.

But there is so much more to gain in terms of productivity with SharePoint. To unlock all the fantastic benefits, it helps to educate yourself on the software. Consider spending time learning more about Microsoft SharePoint. 

You can study how to use this tool via online tutorials or peer-to-peer coaching. This depends on the options that are available to you. In the end, you will be able to use all the productivity aspects we will talk about below.

Benefits of SharePoint Online intranet

1. Benefits of the SharePoint intranet: SharePoint allows for remote working

Remote working has now become a mainstream business model. During the Corona outbreak, almost 50% of employees worked from home. The figure stood at 30% before 2020. 

62% of employees feel they should be able to work from remote locations. 83% feel that they are more productive working from home. 

Employers seem to agree with the sentiment. As of 2021, up to 47% allow staff to work from home.

The benefit of using SharePoint is employees access documents from wherever they are. There is automatic syncing of documents, so teams are always up to date with changes. 

If there is an issue with the revisions, there is a provision for restoring the original document. Further, the co-authoring allows more than one member to edit documents at a go.

2. SharePoint intranet benefits: SharePoint instances for better collaboration

SharePoint removes the need for IT admin control of all accounts. Let’s say five individuals are collaborating on a project. They can set up a SharePoint Instance with ease, and only give access to the people in the group.

Only those with authorization, in this case, the five individuals, get team access. Once they are through with the project, they delete the account. SharePoint Instance gives them a central place to store the files they need for the completion of the task. 

Further, the group knows their documents are secure because no one else has access to them. The five members also get access to other features like video conferencing and chats. It ensures smooth communication and an opportunity for virtual meetings. 

It also allows for streamlining of processes with calendars and task sheets. Team members can share schedules, allowing for the planning of work. 

Progress documentation is easy with OneNote. The digital notebook is more efficient than jotting down everything in a book. It also sends timely reminders so that you never forget any critical tasks.

SharePoint gives a lot of flexibility for individuals, departments, teams, and divisions. Each can work independently of the other and only share when necessary.

3. SharePoint Workflows for higher efficiency

SharePoint Workflows allow for the automation of basic, time-consuming tasks. Employees who engage in such tasks tend to have high-stress levels leading to low morale. Repetitive jobs can affect creativity, resulting in less productivity.

SharePoint automates processes like task assignments, project reminders, and time tracking. Others are document approvals, escalation protocols, and automatic reporting. By letting machines handle such tasks, employees are free to explore other areas that could allow for career growth. 

4. User-specific customization

SharePoint also allows for the customization of features depending on the business needs. You can even tailor the package to meet specific individual or departmental concerns. 

The company decides what to keep or remove. It helps remove distractions or user frustration due to unnecessary files or data.

SharePoint allows for integration with many third-party apps or software. Employees continue to get the benefits of such, even on the platform.

5. SharePoint increases collaboration for BYOD users

Bring your device (BYOD) has been gaining traction, especially among small businesses. Employees get to use their own devices such as mobile phones and laptops. 

The advantage to the organization is the savings from not having to buy such devices. Employees get the convenience of using equipment that is familiar to them. 

But, it is crucial to have a platform where they can collaborate and share. There must also be enough security to keep large amounts of data safe. The cloud-based SharePoint provides the perfect solution. 

6. SharePoint integration with Office 365 – one of the best benefits of the SharePoint intranet

Office 365 has some fantastic tools that employees use for their day-to-day activities. Such include Word, PowerPoint, and Excel. By integrating SharePoint with office 365, you get immediate access to them. 

Staff members can also use Microsoft teams for collaboration. Instant chats and video conferencing facilities help for real-time communication. 

7. Easy allocation of tasks 

Team leaders have access to tools that help with task allocation. Team members get an overview of individual and group tasks. You get higher productivity when everyone knows what they need to do. 

The overview also allows easier management of jobs that have dependent relationships. What this means is Task B is not achievable without the completion of task A. 

Take the job of repainting a wooden surface as an example. The team in charge of sanding and surface preparation has to complete their job before the painters take over. The team leader can keep track of the processes resulting in greater efficiency. 

SharePoint intranet benefits: Final thoughts

Companies have access to many tools that help with team collaboration. It is, in fact, not a new concept by any chance. But, SharePoint has the advantage of existing on the powerful Office 365 platform. You get tons of features that make work more efficient.

The cloud-based platform allows for the centralization of data. Team members can share, store, edit, and co-author documents from wherever they are.

Integration with third-party apps and software improves the functionality of the platform. Virtual meetings and real-time chats help avoid needing to physically meet for work. It saves time and is very convenient. It does not matter where the employee is; work continues as usual. 

Team leaders can also assign tasks and keep track of projects. Employees know exactly what they’re supposed to do at all times. You don’t need to micromanage anyone, resulting in higher efficiency.

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