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How to create folder in SharePoint Custom List?

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 33,223 total views,  2 views today As we know that we can create a folder in the SharePoint document library – this is the traditional way of creating the folder in SharePoint but we can create a folder inside the SharePoint list as well. I will show here how we can create a folder in the SharePoint

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Get SharePoint list URL by list ID

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 93,927 total views,  20 views today Sometimes due to some reason when SharePoint developer is shared only with SharePoint site URL and list id – using these two combinations, they need to generate the default view URL.  Then how can we construct the list URL? I will show here in this post how we can get SharePoint

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SharePoint Calculated Column: How to fix “failed to save modifications to the server” error while creating the calculated column?

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 9,228 total views,  4 views today While creating the calculated column in SharePoint, sometimes we may get the below error: “Failed to save modifications to the server. Error returned: ‘An unexpected error occurred (file ‘tmmdmodeltm.cpp’, line LineNumber, function ‘MDModelTM::CreateHierIterRequest’).” In this post, I will show how to fix “failed to save modifications to the server” error while

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How to create indexed column in SharePoint on-premise and online – O365?

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 23,863 total views When we talk about the slowness of SharePoint list view loading – we go with the indexing the column. In this article, we will learn how to create an indexed column in SharePoint. Introduction If you are not clear about what indexing actually is – I would recommend reading my previous article how

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How to fix “Upload failed: Path not found” or The specified path, file name, or both are too long error

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 49,781 total views Issue description – scenario 1: A couple of years back I was working in a big migration project where I was migrating more than 200 GB of data thru the third party tool. Migration was failing again and again so it needed my constant monitoring. The 90 percent of error was “The specified

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