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3 SharePoint Migration Tools (Metalogix, Sharegate, FME migration-center)

SharePoint migration tool comparison - select the right migration tool for your business

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 23,857 total views,  5 views today 3 SharePoint Migration Tools – in my professional career, I have got the opportunity to work on many SharePoint migration projects and worked with a couple of well-known migration tools. One thing I can say while planning for the SharePoint migration project, selecting the right migration tool will play a vital

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[Verified] 25+ quick checklists for SharePoint migration (speed up SharePoint migration)

25 quick checklists for SharePoint migration

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 26,984 total views,  31 views today In this small blog, I will share a “25 quick checklists for SharePoint migration ” which is required for any migration project in SharePoint – whether it is SharePoint online or on-premise. We can use these checklists as an excel template. Actually, this question was asked in the SharePoint Stack Exchange

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SharePoint Migration: Basic tips and tricks in migration project

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 59,455 total views,  36 views today Sometimes while we do the SharePoint content database migration thru the detach and attach method – we may encounter errors. However, if we open the migrated site still it does open and work. Here, I will explain how we can reduce the possibility of getting the error and some basic tips

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[Fixed] How to Fix a SharePoint 404 Error in sub site After Restoring a Content Database?

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 80,130 total views,  17 views today In this troubleshooting technique, we will learn about how to fix a SharePoint 404 error in subsite after restoring a content database. If we google the above text we will get multiple references for fixing this issue, for this the traditional way of fixings are: 1. The site might have been

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