2 Best way to Import Lotus Notes Archive to Outlook

2 Best way to Import Lotus Notes Archive to Outlook

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Want to Import Lotus Notes Archive to Outlook? A professional email solution is Lotus Notes. This email client is widely used by businesses to send and receive emails. It is a desktop application that stores emails, contacts, addresses, and other data in NSF files. The Domino Server supports Lotus Notes, which employs the SMTP and POP3 protocols. Lotus Notes is also known for its cutting-edge features and high level of security. Nevertheless, a lot of businesses are switching from Lotus Notes to Outlook.

We’ll talk about the motivation for Lotus Notes’ switch to Outlook in this piece. Additionally, we’ll discover how to switch from Lotus Notes to Outlook. Additionally, we’ll talk about importing Lotus Notes.

One may convert their Lotus Notes files for several reasons.

As the Outlook PST format offers customers more options for storing the information, people do search for the conversion of their Lotus Notes files. The Outlook PST file allows users to work offline.

Users have the option of manually converting their Lotus Notes files or using a third-party tool. We will talk about both solutions in this blog.

The manual method to import lotus notes

The user must complete the following procedures in order to manually import Lotus Notes files into Outlook PST format. These actions comprise:

  • Put Lotus Notes first on your operating system.
  • Now choose the Lotus Notes app under the Open option on the File menu.
  • Once the NSF files are added, a tool window will open. Click the “Open” button.
  • Click Export from the File menu.
  • Add the relevant information, the file name, the location of the file, and the save type of “.csv.”
  • Select the necessary option, and then click OK to proceed in the CSV export dialogue box.
  • (At this point, change the CSV files to PST format.)
  • Install Microsoft Outlook on your computer.
  • Make a profile now.
  • Now open Microsoft Outlook.
  • Right-click on the “File” tab located in the menu bar.
  • Select the Open and Export button and select the Import and Export option.
  • A dialogue box will appear; select “Import from another tool or file” and select the “Next” button.
  • Select “Different Standard Values” as the file type.
  • Click on the “Browse” button and select how to save the converted file.
  • Select the folder where you are going and right-click the “Next” button.
  • Map the file, select the box, and select the “Finish” button.

Following these procedures, a user can release several limits and see numerous bounds. These ties consist of

  • A lot of mistakes
  • The Lotus Notes files cannot be imported in bulk.
  • Lengthy procedure
  • Users must spend a considerable amount of effort overcoming obstacles.
  • There is no good interface offered.

These foundations make it difficult for users to follow the manual procedure, which is why they turn to third-party applications to handle their importing procedures. Additionally, take a look at the workaround for converting Lotus Notes files to Outlook PST format using a third-party program.

Using a third-party tool to import lotus notes – lotus notes migration tools

A user should use a third-party Lotus Notes files to Outlook Converter application when importing their Lotus Notes files to Outlook. The steps to take to import Lotus Notes using a third-party tool are listed below:

  • Install and start the NSF to PST Converter app on your system.
  • Now, add the NSF files that you need to convert.
  • Get a preview of the added NSF files.
  • Browse a path to save the converted NSF files.
  • Finally, I hit the “convert now” button.

Any user may easily follow these steps. Users can review the screenshots to help them more accurately follow the importing procedure. To utilize this sophisticated application, a user must:

  • It is simple for anyone to use.
  • Easy to use
  • Fantastic user interface
  • Allows for ANSI and Unicode language support.
  • Users encounter no errors.

These are the reasons why a user should use this tool to import Lotus Notes NSF files to PST format. This sophisticated tool was started by professionals to make importing NSF files simple and convenient. With the help of this application, even a beginner can utilize the tool.

Conclusion: Import Lotus Notes Archive to Outlook

We have covered the approaches that a user may take to import NSF files in this blog. The tool offers a no-cost demo version so that you may learn more about it. Users can purchase the tool’s licensed version if they are happy with the demo version.

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