25 quick checklists for SharePoint migration

25+ effective quick checklists for SharePoint migration (speed up SharePoint migration)

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In this small blog, I will share “25 quick checklists for SharePoint migration ” which is required for any migration project in SharePoint – whether it is SharePoint online or on-premise. We can use these checklists as an excel template. Actually, this question was asked in the SharePoint Stack Exchange site – Sharepoint Migration – Documentation, and below was my answer.

Checklists for SharePoint migration: The SharePoint migration tool

In my career, I have worked on various types of migration projects – like,

  • Migrating from SharePoint one version (previous) to the next version  (on-premise to on-premise).
  • Migrating from SharePoint on-premise to SharePoint online.
  • Migrating eRoom (non-Microsoft Product) to SharePoint 2016.

SharePoint migration tool: The tools or approaches I have used

  • Content DB migration, database detach and attach (mounting and dismounting).
  • Third-party tools – Sharegate, Metalogix, and FME migration center.

Brief description of the FME migration center tool:

Most of us who work with SharePoint know about ShareGate or Metalogix tool, however, very few people know about the FME migration tool.  If we want to migrate content from other than Microsoft products like Java or Documentum, we can use the FME migration tool – it has various inbuilt adoptors that can be connected to the source legacy application. The adaptor can be customized using Java coding. Using this tool is not easy as compared to traditional migration tools like ShareGate or Metalogix.

Nevertheless, from my personal experience, I have noticed – whatever the tool or approach we follow, planning is the key aspect of a successful migration –  if you do not have proper planning or checklist, for a little mistake your migration can be messed up. So below are my top 25 key checklists for any type of SharePoint migration project.

25 quick checklists for SharePoint migration (SharePoint online migration checklist – SharePoint migration tips)

  1. Get the source site structure inventory it might have a lot of nested subsites.
  2. In modern SharePoint online subsites are not recommended – Microsoft recommends having each site as a separate site collection (here we don’t call as site collection, we call as a site).
  3. Prepare a mapping excel for which source site goes to which target the modern site. Including each subsite to a modern SharePoint online site.
  4. Create an inventory of all list or library on the source site which has more than 5k items because threshold issue needs to take special care of post-migration.
  5. Create an inventory of all checked-out files in the source site because during migration will get an error for this.
  6. Create an inventory of all lookup lists in the source.
  7. Make sure while migrating the list, you migrate the parent lookup list, then the main list.
  8. Create an inventory of all workflows in the source, and categorize which are designer workflow or Nintex workflow, or any other workflow.
  9. Make sure before migration user completes all running workflow in the source.
  10. Create an inventory of all InfoPath forms in the source and come up with a plan to develop an alternate form for those because after 2023 Microsoft will support the Infopath form.
  11. If you have a custom WSP solution, prepare an alternate plan to re-develop the solution using modern technology like the SPFx framework, custom WSP cannot be migrated to SharePoint Online.
  12. Prepare an inventory of all long file paths in the source, and create a mapping excel which should be the shortened path after the migration.
  13. Create an inventory of supported file types in source and target, so that if some files do not get migrated, you will know the reason.
  14. There will be a chance that you will not get all users in the target SharePoint online, so create a dedicated migration user that will be mapped for missing users, otherwise, for missing users logged-in users will be used which is not recommended.
  15. Try to use any third-party tools like ShareGate or Metalogix.
  16. Don’t do the content and structure migration together.
  17. First, let’s do the structure migration then go for content migration.
  18. For content migration don’t do all site content together, go list by list migration otherwise error handling will be messed up.
  19. Make sure you set the list default experience to modern in the target before migration, it can be done through the tool.
  20. Make sure you lock down the source site during migration otherwise you need to have a proper delta or incremental migration plan.
  21. Prepare a plan for the hub site and the mega menu structure in SharePoint online and connect each migrated site to the specific hub site.
  22. Prepare a training plan for the end-user because UI will be completely changed after migration.
  23. Identify a dedicated site owner for each migrated site and do not plan more than two site owners for a single site otherwise it will be messed up.
  24. After each site migration, get the confirmation from the responsible site owner then mark the site migration status as done.
  25. After migration, randomly navigate through site navigation mainly the Infopath form and user permissions on the site.
  26. Last but not the least, don’t forget to have a rollback plan for any type of uncertainty and Plan B for the migration – these two are very important.

As of now,  I can remember these, if anything I remember, I will update it.

Notes :

  • In the migration project, planning is the key aspect, the better you plan more you will get success.
  • Most of the inventory reports we can get from migration tools like ShareGate and Metalogix.
  • In the above checklists, wherever I have mentioned the hub site – it is relevant for SharePoint on-premise to SharePoint Online migration.

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