FAQ: SharePoint learning path route for a junior developer(SharePoint skills matrix)

FAQ: Discover the SharePoint learning path for a junior developer(SharePoint skills matrix) in 2 steps – by Pros

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SharePoint learning path – recently, on the SharePoint StackExchange Site, one of the community members asked the question “What might be the correct learning route for a junior developer?” to help my blog visitors I will describe the answer below:

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  • FAQ: SharePoint learning route for a junior developer(SharePoint skills matrix)

FAQ: SharePoint learning route for a junior developer(SharePoint skills matrix)

FAQ: SharePoint learning route for a junior developer(SharePoint skills matrix)
FAQ: SharePoint learning route for a junior developer(SharePoint skills matrix)

Question: What might be the correct learning route for a junior developer? SharePoint learning path

Welcome to the world of SharePoint. You are on the right track I am sure you will shine in your SharePoint career. As you said that you already know about how to customize SharePoint using CSOM, workflow, etc and you are well versed in Asp.net, MVC, REST API, and, other Dot Net-related stuff. And SharePoint is built on a .net framework – you have a solid background of dot net and some knowledge of SharePoint – then you have a good combination – it will help you in the long run.

There are major versions of SharePoint – SharePoint On-Premise and SharePoint Online. Both the core concept of SharePoint and purpose are the same – i.e – collaborative way of document management, of course, we could do many other things in SharePoint but document management is the core purpose.

Understand the below concepts of SharePoint: SharePoint concepts for developers and administrators

As SharePoint developers and administrators, we need to understand the below basic concepts of SharePoint:

  • What is SharePoint farm?
  • How do multiple servers get connected with each other, then what is the role of each server?
  • What is a web application – how does it handle the web request?
  • When to use site collection, when to use the subsite.
  • How to handle the custom column through the content type.
  • Various types of lists – like a document library, custom list, etc. in which scenario what type of list we should use?
  • Understand the various feature in site collection level and site level – what is the concept of those?
  • How to handle the permission in SharePoint at a granular level (like from the bottom object like an individual list item, folder, list /library/, site/ site collection, etc. – is very important.


  • From the above top, three are related to SharePoint on-premise – the rest are all common for both the on-premise and SharePoint Online.
  • Once your core concept above each SharePoint object is clear – you can easily customize them using any of the coding techniques like – REST API, CSOM, Workflow, JSOM, SPFX, etc – and your dot net background is plus point.
  • Try to create a trial office 365 account and play around on the SharePoint part, mainly PowerApps, PowerAutomate (Microsoft Flow), and some sort of Azure connectivity from SharePoint Online to Azure and Vice versa.
  • Once you are confident about these core concepts – you can propose any type of business solution to the customer based on the scenario and needs. It is not mandatory that one should be good enough to write the code while proposing the solution., most customers prefer a codeless solution – plug and play configurable.
  • As you mentioned – you are a bit worried about the custom app development as you don’t have knowledge on it – no, problem – as mentioned in very few scenarios people go with a hardcore code-based solution – most of the business-related apps are easily configurable from the app store – and many customs apps are available in the GitHub – in that case, we need to have basic knowledge of SharePoint SPFx framework – so that we can customize as per our needs.
  • As SharePoint is a vast topic, once you start, you will get an idea and where and how to move.
  • If you want to focus on SharePoint Online, then you don’t need to learn the SharePoint server-related stuff like Farm, various server roles, web application, etc. 

SharePoint learning resources: Where can we find the resources to learn SharePoint? 

  • Youtube is the best media to learn any new technology and also in google a lot of resources are available.
  • You may register on the Pluralsight site for the SharePoint course.

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All the best, happy learning 🙂

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