How to create folder in SharePoint Custom List?

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As we know that we can create a folder in SharePoint document library – this is the traditional way of creating the folder in SharePoint but we can create a folder inside SharePoint list as well. I will show here how we can create a folder in SharePoint list.

Navigate to list setting page -> Advanced Settings – from this page under the “Folders” section change the “Make “New Folder” Command available?” to “Yes” by default this setting will be “No”.


Test the folder creation option:

Now navigate to “All Items” view of the list – we can see “New Folder” creation button is enabled now, using that I have created this “Test” folder.


Folders are not available in all list templates:

Folders are not available in all list templates. The below list types do not support folders:

  • Tasks,
  • Calendar,
  • Discussion,
  • Survey and
  • Wiki.


Folders option is available in Custom List template:

In custom list template, we have the folders option available.


In this post, we have learned the below topics:

  • How to enable the “New Folder” Creation Option in SharePoint custom list.
  • How to Create a New Folder in SharePoint list.
  • Which are the lists templates do not have folder creation option.
  • Which list template has folder creation option.