Feature Deprecated/Removed in SharePoint 2019

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Feature Deprecated/Removed in SharePoint 2019

Whenever any new version of SharePoint is released, we hear the term deprecated/Removed feature. Today I will explain what exactly is this and what is the difference between two?


The feature is still available in the product but Microsoft is not recommending to use these features, in feature release it may be removed with no additional notice.


The feature is removed from the product and not supported by Microsoft. In many cases, the feature is removed from the product, but in some cases, the feature is present but not supported by Microsoft.

Features deprecated in SharePoint Server 2019:

  1. Access Services 2010
  2. Access Services 2013
  3. Aggregated Newsfeed
  4. Custom Help
  5. Groove Sync Client
  6. InfoPath Services
  7. Lists Web Service
    1. Lists.GetListItemChangesWithKnowledge
    2. Lists.UpdateListItemsWithKnowledge
  8. Machine Translations (and Variations)
  9. PerformancePoint Services
  10. SharePoint Designer
  11. Site Mailbox
  12. Site Manager

Removed features in SharePoint Server 2019:

  1. Code-Based Sandbox Solutions
  2. Digest Authentication
  3. Incoming email automatic mode
  4. Multi-Tenancy
  5. PowerPivot Gallery and Refresh
  6. Visio Services – Silverlight Based Rendering
  7. SharePoint Business Intelligence Scenarios


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