PowerShell: How to pass multiple parameters into a function in PowerShell

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In this post I will show how to pass multiple parameters into a function in PowerShell coding.


 Addition of numbers function using PowerShell example:

#The below sample function will accept numeric parameters and do the addtion.
Function Add-Numbers()
        [Parameter(Mandatory=$true)] [int32] $FirstNumber,
        [Parameter(Mandatory=$true)] [int32] $SecondNumber,
        [Parameter(Mandatory=$false)][int32] $ThirdNumber


        Write-host -f Green "Addition of" $FirstNumber, $SecondNumber "and" $ThirdNumber "is: " $resultNumber
            $ErrorMessage = $_.Exception.Message +"while doing the addition"
            Write-Host $ErrorMessage -BackgroundColor Red

    return $resultNumber;

#Parameters - how to pass parameter to the function:
Add-Numbers $firstNumber $secondNumber $thirdNumber
#Parameters ends

Test the addition of numbers function script:




Hence, in this post we have learned the below concepts of PowerShell:

  • How to make a parameter mandatory in PowerShell
  • How to make a parameter optional in PowerShell
  • What are parameters in PowerShell?
  • How to add multiple parameter sets to a PowerShell function
  • How to use Parameters in PowerShell
  • Getting input into PowerShell Functions with Parameters
  • Number (int32) datatype in PowerShell.
  • The parameters,data types,return value in PowerShell function.


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