Category: SharePoint Troubleshooting

How to fix the “Unexpected response from server. The status code of response is ‘500’ in SharePoint 2016 Search error.

Issue Description: SharePoint search has been working fine – all of a sudden we may notice the search has stopped working throwing the below error. Solution: This is due to high memory utilization in the SharePoint server. Login to SharePoint server task Manager -> Performance -> Memory . There we can see memory utilization is

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How to fix wrong tenant credential error in SharePoint online?

Issue Description: Recently I was working on to configure the hybrid environment for our tenant. In order to do that I have picked up the Hybrid Picker Wizard and following the instruction started the configuration. At the initial steps this will validate your on-premises SharePoint credential and SharePoint online credential. I was using the same

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How to fix request timed out error in SharePoint 2016 search?

Issue Description: Lets say we have multi servers farm where all web application hosted in WFE and all sharepoint service running in App server. The server topology is as below: 1. App Server with Search and 2. WFE server. We have configured the search service application in application server all components of search crawl happening

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