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SharePoint – O365 – What is the right way to iterate or loop through List Items?

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 2,722 total views In this article, we will learn what is the right way to iterate or loop through the SharePoint list items either from SharePoint on-premise or SharePoint online – o365. Introduction Generally, when a developer writes the code quickly – this might be observed. Let’s say in SharePoint “PurchaseOrder” list, there are 500 items.

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SharePoint On-Premise – Online O365 : Static Name vs. Internal Name vs. Display Name in SharePoint

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 8,757 total views,  16 views today Introduction: During our SharePoint development or customization, we often come across the need of SharePoint column “Display Name” and “Internal Name”. Apart from these two, there is one more name which is column “static” name, generally, we don’t much deal with this name(at least myself) during the SharePoint customization. However, I

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