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How to create indexed column in SharePoint?

When we talk about the slowness of SharePoint list view loading – we go with the indexing the column. In this article we will learn how to create indexed column in SharePoint. Introduction If you are not clear about what indexing actually is – I would recommend to read my previous article how does the

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How does the database column indexing work in SharePoint?

Introduction Being a SharePoint developer, administrator and architect, we quite often discuss about SharePoint list items loading issue and when it comes to list items loading performance issue, we straight away go for indexing the columns to speed up the performance. So in this article I will focus on what exactly happens in the SQL

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What is the right way to iterate the SharePoint List Items?

  Introduction Generally when developer writes the code quickly – this might be observed. Lets say in SharePoint “PurchaseOrder” list, there are 500 items. And thru the SharePoint object model coding we want to read these 500 items and display the “OrderNo” column . For this, the code can be written as below: Sample code(untested):

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