Want to double your revenue - switch to EZOIC for 5 reasons

Want to double your revenue? Switch to EZOIC for 5 reasons

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Want to double your revenue? It’s an interesting question, isn’t it—who doesn’t want to increase revenue? Everyone does. In this tutorial, we will learn about how to increase your business revenue from the EZOIC advertisement service. The purpose of this tutorial is to motivate business owners who are stuck in the middle of their journey to achieve their goals.


Many startups or small businesses consistently fail to retain their clients throughout the year, resulting in a loss. Even if their business is not doing well in terms of revenue, they can still earn a consistent income with a little effort by running advertisements on their website.

In the market, there are many companies that provide these advertising services. To name a few: Google Adsense and EZOIC.

When it comes to applying for advertisement services, most business owners and bloggers think about Google Adsense. However, there are many challenges in Google Adsense.


Ezoic Vs Adsense

Below are the comparisons between EZOIC and Adsense:

Disadvantages of Google Adsense

Based on our personal experience, a few challenges of Google Adsense are below:

  • Getting Adsense approval is not easy.
  • There is no direct customer support service.
  • Without any reason, Adsense will apply ads restriction to your site due to their internal algorithm – but you are helpless, you will not get any support from them, and you need to wait for a couple of days to weeks to get it fixed. Definitely, in this period your earnings will go down.
  • Getting an Adsense pin is challenging.
  • The minimum throttling amount is $100.


  • Our intention is not to degrade Adsense but to realize that you might face these challenges—many of the publishers generally face this.

Advantages of EZOIC: Why switch to EZOIC (double your revenue)?

There are certain reasons why you might switch to EZOIC. Below are the top reasons:

  • Ezoic is fully automated, free to use, and doesn’t require any additional time commitment or technical input from you.
  • Increased in revenue – Avg. sites see 50-250% growth in revenue and 90% YoY growth in traffic.
  • Customer service is great—you will get a dedicated support executive. For anything, you could contact them by raising a ticket or even directly through the live chart, in case you need any technical support on an urgent basis. This is the best part of EZOIC service—you will never have your needs ignored or delayed.
  • EZOIC uses artificial intelligence technology. Based on your content and theme, EZOIC will automatically load and run their ads.
  • EZOIC runs a video ad service through Humix.
  • Setup is very easy—it is automated.

Free tools available in EZOIC that double your revenue

Below are the free tools available on EZOIC:

  • EzoicAds
  • Leap
  • Flickfy
  • Humix
  • NicheIQ
  • Analytics
  • Content
Double your revenue - Free tools available in EZOIC
Free tools available in EZOIC

EZOIC Ad Placeholders

EZOIC ad placeholders are fully automated, you don’t need to bother about it, and the automatic setup will take care of it.

EZOIC Ad Placeholders
EZOIC Ad Placeholders

Leap for site speed optimization

Improve the functionality of your website by finding the causes of decreased performance. Leap provides automated solutions to many of the most common problems while also optimizing your site speed by utilizing caching settings that serve your website quicker to your visitors.

Leap for site speed optimization
Leap for site speed optimization

Humix Video

Humix gives publishers access to a growing video-sharing service, while also providing custom machine-learning technology to improve the outcomes for streaming video on your website. With direct control over how you share videos, display videos, and use configuration tools you’ll help your video content perform better in search engine optimization (SEO), increase video playback numbers, optimize video placement, and maximize ad revenue. Track performance with Ezoic’s custom video analytics for your own videos and network videos. Incorporate Humix into your site and watch as your site continues to grow!

Humix Video in EZOIC
Humix Video in EZOIC

We have seen the benefits of EZOIC service, now if you would like to double your business revenue from advertisement switch to EZOIC – it is very simple.



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